General Objectives

Train reflective, participative and active citizens, who can contribute to the improvement of the population’s quality of life and to the conservation of all forms of life on the planet, based on actions supported on ethical and legal values;
Prepare nuclear engineers to meet the demands of the labor market and meet the needs of different communities, actively participating in their socio-cultural and economic development;
Promote scientific knowledge, generate new technologies and stimulate cultural evolution, seeking to socialize the knowledge obtained by the academy, through all levels of education and means of communication;
Develop, support and stimulate teaching, research or extension activities related to the solution of scientific and technological problems;
Contribute so that the various institutions of the community reach levels of excellence in the development of their activities, producing cultural, scientific and technological benefits that are reverted in favor of the whole society.

Specific Objectives

The Nuclear Engineering Course at the Polytechnic School of UFRJ aims to train an engineer with a solid technical, scientific and general professional foundation that will enable him to absorb and develop new technologies, stimulating his critical and creative performance in identifying and solving problems, considering their political, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects, always with an ethical and humanistic vision in meeting the demands of society.

This trained nuclear engineer will be able to work in the nuclear industry, either in the exploration of minerals relevant to the generation of electrical energy in nuclear reactors, or in the analysis and development of new nuclear reactor projects, as well as in the application of nuclear radiation to the most diverse branches of economic activity, such as nuclear medicine, food preservation, preservation of works of art, non-destructive testing of structures, etc.