The following are mandatory subjects. Subjects in the first four periods (which make up the so-called basic cycle) are common to all engineering courses.

1st. Term
IQG111 – EE Chemistry
MAC118 – Differential and Integral Calculus I
FIT112 – Physics I-A
FIS111 – Experimental Physics I
MAB114 – Computing I EP
EEW200 – Introduction to Engineering

2nd. Term
MAC128 – Differential and Integral Calculus II
FIT122 – Physics II-A
FIS121 – Experimental Physics II
MAE125 – Linear Algebra II
EEG105 – Projective Systems
EEH210 – Engineering and Environment
MAB225 – Computing II EP

3rd. Term
MAC238 – Differential and Integral Calculus III
FIM230 – Physics III-A
FIN231 – Experimental Physics III
EEA212 – Mechanics I
MAD201 – Probability and Statistics
EEI312 – Economy A

4th. Term
MAC248 – Differential and Integral Calculus IV
FIN241 – Experimental Physics IV
EEU240 – Introduction to Modern Physics
EEE385 – Electricity I
MAB231 – Numerical Calculation
EEI321 – Organization of Industries

5th. Term
EEK303 – Classical Thermodynamics
EEH214 – Transfer Phenomena
EEU018 – Mathematical Methods of Nuclear Engineering I
EEU301 – Applied Nuclear Physics
EET310 – Materials Science Principles

6th. Term
EEU503 – Reactor Physics I
EEK331 – Solid Mechanics I
EEU019 – Numerical Methods for Computation
EEU516 – Basic Radioprotection
EEK401 – Heat Transmission I

7th. Term
EEU022– Reactor Physics II
EET435 – Mechanical Behavior of Materials
EEU504 – Reactor Engineering I
EEU403 – Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory
EEK501 – Heat Transmission II

8th. Term
EEU517 – Nuclear Power Station Systems
EEU025 – Reactor Engineering II
EEU523 – Reliability Engineering
EEU026 – Environmental Impact of Nuclear Installations
EEU027 – Safety Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants
EEWX00 – Graduation Project

9th. Term
EEK525 – Alternative Sources of Energy
EEWU00 – Supervised Internship

10th. Term
EEU028 – Nuclear Fuel Cycle
EEU521 – Risk Analysis of Nuclear Installations

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