Code Discipline
CON500 Teaching Stage
CON700 Master’s Seminar
CON701 Special Topics In Nuclear Engineering
CON702 Numerical Methods Applied To Nuclear Engineering
CON703 Mathematical Methods Of Nuclear Engineering I
CON704 Mathematical Methods Of Nuclear Engineering II
CON705 Special Problems In Nuclear Engineering
CON707 Registration To The Master Program
CON708 Master’s Thesis Research
CON710 Nuclear Physics
CON711 Special Topics In Applied Nuclear Physics
CON712 Ionizing Radiation Detection
CON714 Radiological Protection
CON715 Special Problems In Applied Nuclear Physics
CON716 Nuclear Measurement Techniques
CON717 Basic Dosimetry
CON718 Ndt With Ionizing Radiations
CON721 Special Topics In Reactor Physics
CON722 Kinetics And Dynamics Of Reactors
CON723 Neutron Moderation
CON724 Neutron Termalization
CON725 Special Problems In Reactor Physics
CON726 Reactors Physics I
CON727 Reactors Physics II
CON728 Solution Techniques For Multigroup Diffusion Equation
CON729 Perturbation Theory In Linear Systems
CON730 Neutron Flux Reconstruction Methods
CON731 Special Topics In Reactor Engineering
CON732 Finite Element Methods
CON733 Mechanical Analysis Of Reactors
CON734 Introduction To Computing Applied To Nuclear Engineering
CON735 Special Problems In Reactor Engineering
CON736 Reactor Thermo-hydraulics
CON737 Reactor Engineering I
CON738 Transport Phenomena
CON739 Safety Design And Analysis Of Nuclear Installations
CON741 Special Topics On Nuclear Plant Safety
CON742 Analysis Of Probabilistic Models
CON743 Nuclear Plant Systems
CON744 Reliability Engineering
CON745 Special Problems In Nuclear Plant Safety
CON746 Tecniques For Analysis Of Safety Systems
CON747 Safety Analysis Fundamentals
CON748 Risk Assessment Of Industrial Facilities
CON749 Applied Probabilistic Models
CON750 Regression Analysis With Experiment Planning
CON753 Applied Reactors Physics
CON760 Artificial Intelligence In The Operation Of Nuclear Plants
CON761 Special Topics In Human Factors Engineering
CON762 Computational Methods In Nuclear Engineering I
CON763 Computational Methods In Nuclear Engineering II
CON764 Nuclear Plant Safety And Monitoring
CON765 Special Problems In Human Factor Engineering
CON766 Introduction To Human Factors Engineering
CON767 Artificial And Robotic Intelligence – Applications In Nuclear Engineering


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