This Laboratory is directly related to teaching and research activities in the area of Applied Nuclear Physics, supporting experimental disciplines and thesis work.

Installed in an area of 450 m², it features:

Systems and Resources

  • Several pentium and pentium MMX microcomputers networked and connected to the INTERNET;
  • Three SUN stations with varying capacities for processing and reconstructing images in tomography;
  • Library of programs for image analysis and processing.

Radiation Detection Systems

  • Complete line for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron spectrometry (various detectors, amplifiers, discriminators, multichannel analyzers and automatic data acquisition systems);
  • Several alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources;
  • Fission fragments source (252Cf) of 1mCi;
  • Complete chemical and electrochemical etching system for solid state trace detectors (SSNTD);
  • Optical microscope (coupled to the camera) for trace analysis;
  • Four microcomputers with data acquisition and spectrum analysis boards directly connected to radiation detection systems.

Tomography Systems

  • Library of programs for image analysis and processing;
  • Various tomographic tables for industrial applications;
  • Automated microdensitometer;
  • Real-time microfocus radiography system;
  • Industrial X-ray equipment.

Irradiation and Dosimetry Systems

  • Gammacell 220 radiator with cobalt-60 source for applications in food irradiation and dosimeter testing;
  • Bruker EMS 104 Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance (RPE) dosimetry system.

Equipment for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

  • Two X-ray production systems for excitation of samples in fluorescence measurements with tungsten and molybdenum tubes;
  • Detection system with Si-Li detector, coupled with data acquisition and spectrum analysis systems;
  • Sample preparation laboratory with acid and plasma digestion systems.