Equipment for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis:

Recent advances in computing/informatics have made it possible to solve a large number of engineering problems, which until recently were intractable from a practical point of view. This can be achieved by simulating, using numerical methods, the behavior and performance of various nuclear engineering systems.

In order to provide the minimum infrastructure necessary for the development, implementation and testing of programs to support the design and operation of engineering systems, COPPE’s Nuclear Engineering Program (PEN) created the Numerical Methods Laboratory.

Located in Block G – room 200 of the C.T. at UFRJ.

The Numerical Methods Laboratory serves PEN/COPPE students, providing them with support to develop, implement your research in postgraduate.

The Numerical Methods Laboratory has the following equipment (under conditions of use):

Windows Network

  • 3 desktops i7;
  • 2 desktops i5;
  • 1 desktops 2 Quad e
  • 1 desktop Celeron.